First (TL) Mass

De Agneskerks lievelingsneomist ( 😉 ) droeg vanochtend zijn eerste 3-herenmis op. En natuuuurlijk is er fotografisch bewijs!

This morning St. Agnes’ favourite neomist (your blogger is not sure if that is even an English word, but it refers to a newly ordained priest) offered his first Solemn High Mass. There is, of course, photographic evidence….

Wat zijn de paramenten mooi he?
Vestment love!

De nu erg bekende door de AntilliaanseSurinaamse dames geleide zang in de pastorie!
Ladies from the AntillesSuriname started singing in the presbytery after big events, and the rest of us joined in. It’s like a tradition now.

Proficiat kapelaan Kuis!
Congratulations, Fr. Kuis!


3 thoughts on “First (TL) Mass

  1. Lovely. If only the travel Tilburg – Amsterdam wasnt so upractical and unaffordable for me atm… :/

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