What another sleepless night can do


False prophets

Well. Well.

You know it’s been a good homily when people stand up and leave shortly afterwards.

So – if memory serves – it went a bit like this.

We are warned in the Epistle about false prophets, which these days attack us both from within and without the Church. From within by people who think that ‘progress’ and ‘change’ are the only ways forward: a trend seen especially over the past fifty years. Schillebeeckx was named. From without, false prophets are found in false religions, but especially in politics, where symptoms are seen in, for example, the current US president and his views on abortion. The situation in Dutch politics is not much better.

I’m also fairly sure the word ‘diabolical’ was used (Dutch: duivels).

Fr. Kn didn’t quite thump the pulpit, but there was Confiteor-like striking of breast and slapping of stonework going on.

After the Creed a rather well-to-do-looking couple got up and walked out. Guess they didn’t want to contribute to the collection then.

Homily report?

Today after Mass I heard the rather disturbing news that Fr. K reads this blog. Now this is perhaps not so surprising, but at any rate I’m going to have to mind my comments about the homily.

Anyway, today we had a lightening visit from our seminarian, who came in and MC’d like a boss. He had to leave almost immediately after Mass, but of course we didn’t let him go without exchanging at least a few words of greeting and assurances of and requests for prayers. It was very good to see him again! He isn’t on hols until the middle of August, poor guy.

At some point I should post something about our altar servers – real characters they are. Maybe sometime this week (can you tell your blogger is on holiday?)

Here’s a random photo of a train.