Easter Vigil

It’s called the Paaswake in Dutch, and it lasted something like three hours. Oh, and it was brilliant.

Here are some photos – enjoy!


In Parasceve

This week I’ve learnt that ‘in Parasceve’ means something in like ‘in preparation [for the Sabbath].’ It’s rather profound, especially when in the context of the reading of the Passion.


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Maundy Thursday

It’s late.

Mass of the Lord’s Supper is pretty cool. Enjoy the photos. This year I’m hoping to get to and photograph everything!

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St. Agnes’ and Bl. Charles’ Travel Bureau

Why on Earth haven’t I thought of this before?

See, all the Dutch-speakers out there (and possibly some German-speakers too) simply visit agneskerk.org when they want to find out what time everything is during the Triduum. Well, either that or they get the parish newsletter emailed to them each month.

The snazzy, glossy, international version doesn’t exist (yet). And until it does (and perhaps even afterwards, hehe), I, the loose cannon of the parish, will happily disseminate English language info about such things.

The thought occurs to me that the parish should run some kind of B&B near the church so that international visitors have a place to stay 😀

Crazy ideas aside – if you haven’t already seen this and are in or near Amsterdam this weekend, this is when you need to get along to Amstelveenseweg 163 for the biggest party of the year.

Maundy Thursday


18:00 Confessions* (until 18:45)
19:00 Solemn High Mass in Coena Domini, followed by Watching at the Altar of Repose until 22:00

Good Friday

A day of fasting and abstinence.


13:00 Confessions* (until 14:00)14:15 Via Crucis
15:00 Commemoration of the Passion in Parasceve

Holy Saturday


13:00 Confessions* (until 15:00)
21:30 Solemn Easter Vigil (until late)

Easter Day


(Central European Summer Time begins! Even less sleep!)

10:30 Rosary
11:00 High Mass

Easter Monday

(a public holiday in the Netherlands)


11:00 Mass

*Normally there’s a pretty liberal approach to Confession – turn up at the church and if there’s a priest around, he’ll hear you. During the Triduum the church may be closed when there is no service happening, for example to prepare the sanctuary, decorations in the nave, or practising the liturgy. So if you still need to make your Easter Confession, if you turn up at the times mentioned you can be certain that a priest will be sitting in the Confessional for you (at least that’s how I understand things).

Dominica II Passionis seu in Palmis

There is one thing to be said about these, and one thing only: I have never taken such a rotten lot of photos for as long as I can remember. These aren’t pretty, they’re not arty, and I’m posting them here for only two reasons: firstly, Fr. K told me to, and secondly, the shame and humiliation are good for my ego (well, insofar as I’m not going to show you all the really really bad ones).

I have no cute captions either. Sorry.

So, this was Palm Sunday Mass at St. Agnes’ this morning, which lasted about two and a half hours…oh, and do you remember me making a comment about ‘Lent not being in winter‘ in the last post? I’ve got to stop tempting fate like that, because the temperatures today were, as penances go, brilliant. Hairshirt couldn’t have done it better.

At least it’s not snowing – ask Mulier Fortis about that.

Sede vacante

Yesterday evening we had an hour of Adoration followed by Compline. I didn’t take any photos during, but once Compline was over the beauty of the Blessed Sacrament chapel (at least…I think that’s the dedication of it) struck me and I ninja’d my way to the steps to grab a few photos.


(Fr. was snuffing the candles. Hey, we’re a poor parish and use things like candles for light because the electric bulbs are slowly giving up the ghost. The temperature in the church in winter would be an excellent Lenten penance…were Lent in winter. Please consider donating to our parish!)