Dominica II Passionis seu in Palmis

There is one thing to be said about these, and one thing only: I have never taken such a rotten lot of photos for as long as I can remember. These aren’t pretty, they’re not arty, and I’m posting them here for only two reasons: firstly, Fr. K told me to, and secondly, the shame and humiliation are good for my ego (well, insofar as I’m not going to show you all the really really bad ones).

I have no cute captions either. Sorry.

So, this was Palm Sunday Mass at St. Agnes’ this morning, which lasted about two and a half hours…oh, and do you remember me making a comment about ‘Lent not being in winter‘ in the last post? I’ve got to stop tempting fate like that, because the temperatures today were, as penances go, brilliant. Hairshirt couldn’t have done it better.

At least it’s not snowing – ask Mulier Fortis about that.


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