Fr. Kn’s off on his travels – every now and then We the Parishoners let him out – which means I could leave putting up photos until today without being threatened with eternal torment about it.


I didn’t take many photos…and the ones I did take aren’t brilliant. Oh well – sometimes you just get days like that, I suppose. Fuzziness everywhere, which is annoying.

There’s fuzziness, and then there’s incense. Maybe it’s something in the charcoal, but sometimes looking at the Sanctuary is like trying to peer through a cloud atop a mountain; come to think of it, that’s probably part of having incense anyway, after the usual Psalmist reference.


(Tip: if you haven’t already done so, read Dom Guéranger’s book On the Holy Mass, and die happy)

Meanwhile, no, I really wasn’t kidding about the incense.


More hellfire and brimstone; false spirits and deceit and ahhhhhhhhhh I don’t pray the Rosary enough.


After which, Mass continues as normal.



Agnieters on the loose again

‘Agnieters’ is a word someone made up once to refer to the parishoners at St. Agnes’. It sounds less lame in Dutch.

Your artless blogger somehow got in on Michael Voris’ visit to the Netherlands. It wouldn’t really be blog fodder for AKU, were it not for the fact that Fr. Kn was the person who got me in.

And he also led the shindig that was Vespers. I didn’t take many photos, because I was singing my little heart out. Vespers is awesome – but more on that later.


The church where we had Vespers was St. Jozef op den Heuvel, lit. ‘St. Joseph’s on the Hill’. I didn’t take any particular note of the surrounding geography, but it can’t be a serious hill… Howsoever that may be, this church is stunning.



Captions are invited for the following:


Back at the Basilica

Today your artless blogger was back in church, got pointed in various directions, and was told to look after himself and Not Get In The Way™ of the important stuff going on.


Ok. I can do that.

There’s this rather spectacular Nativity scene at the back of the Basilica. It’s normally covered by screens; in order view it you put some coins in. Like Christmastide (and beyond) Pay-Per-View.


The detail is wonderful.


Meanwhile, the priests were busy getting things ready for Sunday.


But then we had the Bling-Bling Room:






The Basilica is a stunning building. I think I should hassle Fr. Kn about a parish trip 😉



Sparkly things!


Your artless blogger is once again at the Basilica. Get a load of all this bling! So beautiful – Deo volente one day they’ll once again be used in the holy liturgy for which they were made.

Fribourg Town

Fribourg is a lovely place.

On Thursday evening a 30-day anniversary Requiem was offered. Black vestments and chants sung by the schola contributed so much to the beauty and elegance of the Mass.


Our Blessed Lady’s main job is as Our Lady of Fribourg; being Glorious Queen of the Universe is a side hobby.


Fr. B preaching. My French is not such that I could follow it, but by this point I had met the gentleman and was confident it would be a solid one 🙂


The servers were neat, precise and attentive.



Today I was able to spend some moments in prayer in the chapel at the Fraternity’s motherhouse. It is a beautiful oratory, warm and peaceful.


In the evening there were First Friday Devotions at the basilica after Mass.



At the Motherhouse

Your artless blogger reports to you from Fribourg, where the Generalate of the FSSP is housed.

Also, basilica!


It’s not as dark as on the photo. You will forgive my poor phone camera efforts.

Taking dozens of photos of just about everywhere – at least where I’m allowed, of course – and hope to share those FSSP-related later today.

PS glory to God for beautiful weather!