Fr. Kn’s off on his travels – every now and then We the Parishoners let him out – which means I could leave putting up photos until today without being threatened with eternal torment about it.


I didn’t take many photos…and the ones I did take aren’t brilliant. Oh well – sometimes you just get days like that, I suppose. Fuzziness everywhere, which is annoying.

There’s fuzziness, and then there’s incense. Maybe it’s something in the charcoal, but sometimes looking at the Sanctuary is like trying to peer through a cloud atop a mountain; come to think of it, that’s probably part of having incense anyway, after the usual Psalmist reference.


(Tip: if you haven’t already done so, read Dom Guéranger’s book On the Holy Mass, and die happy)

Meanwhile, no, I really wasn’t kidding about the incense.


More hellfire and brimstone; false spirits and deceit and ahhhhhhhhhh I don’t pray the Rosary enough.


After which, Mass continues as normal.



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