14th after Pentecost

I have no idea what’s going on, but we’ve started singing so it must be some kind of celebration!



6 thoughts on “14th after Pentecost

    • Hello Fr., and thanks for your request.

      I’m afraid I’m not comfortable with you using the photos I publish here (although I’m pleasantly impressed, and grateful, that you actually took the trouble to ask). In the past few months I’ve had some rather nasty experiences with people who use these photos to attack either the particular church where I attend Mass, or the Church in general. I’d rather not that this continue, and given your position on the authority of the Church and Pope, I can only conclude that your use of my photos would not be in support of the Church.

      • Not knowing me and perhaps not having read my blog , I feel that you jump to the wrong conclusions. Not everyone out there is ready to critize the RC Church and the Pople.
        Happy Sunday
        Father Ed Bakker

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