The Assumption is called Maria ten Hemelopneming in Dutch. The church looked stunning, but I didn’t really get any photos of it. What I do have, I can share!


The Mary Altar was all decked out, and the statue even more so.






Before the evening Mass we had a Holy Hour, with a procession, Adoration, with Rosary and lots of Marian hymns.






(Sorry for the blurry)

The details on the Mary Altar caught my eye especially yesterday. The, the – I don’t know what they’re called – show scenes from the life of Our Blessed Lady, beginning with her Immaculate Conception (deftly portrayed with SS. Joachim and Anna having a bit of a smooch) and ending with her Glorious Coronation.

Parental smooch top left, Coronation bottom right.

Parental smooch top left, Coronation bottom right.









A (belated) happy feast to you all from this poor blogger!



Fr. Kn’s off on his travels – every now and then We the Parishoners let him out – which means I could leave putting up photos until today without being threatened with eternal torment about it.


I didn’t take many photos…and the ones I did take aren’t brilliant. Oh well – sometimes you just get days like that, I suppose. Fuzziness everywhere, which is annoying.

There’s fuzziness, and then there’s incense. Maybe it’s something in the charcoal, but sometimes looking at the Sanctuary is like trying to peer through a cloud atop a mountain; come to think of it, that’s probably part of having incense anyway, after the usual Psalmist reference.


(Tip: if you haven’t already done so, read Dom Guéranger’s book On the Holy Mass, and die happy)

Meanwhile, no, I really wasn’t kidding about the incense.


More hellfire and brimstone; false spirits and deceit and ahhhhhhhhhh I don’t pray the Rosary enough.


After which, Mass continues as normal.


Third Friday

So your artless blogger gets to church after work for the Third Friday devotions, thinks, ‘Oh, I’ll throw up a quick blogpost to let people know what they’re missing out on (!),’ whips out his phone, only to discover, much to his chagrin, that there’s so little battery oomph left that the thing point blank refuses to take a photograph.

Oh well. Praying is also an acceptable activity in a church, right? 😉

In Parasceve

This week I’ve learnt that ‘in Parasceve’ means something in like ‘in preparation [for the Sabbath].’ It’s rather profound, especially when in the context of the reading of the Passion.


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