Agnieters on the loose again

‘Agnieters’ is a word someone made up once to refer to the parishoners at St. Agnes’. It sounds less lame in Dutch.

Your artless blogger somehow got in on Michael Voris’ visit to the Netherlands. It wouldn’t really be blog fodder for AKU, were it not for the fact that Fr. Kn was the person who got me in.

And he also led the shindig that was Vespers. I didn’t take many photos, because I was singing my little heart out. Vespers is awesome – but more on that later.


The church where we had Vespers was St. Jozef op den Heuvel, lit. ‘St. Joseph’s on the Hill’. I didn’t take any particular note of the surrounding geography, but it can’t be a serious hill… Howsoever that may be, this church is stunning.



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